Are you a Dom or someone who simply loves to feel powerful in the bedroom? If so, Anoeses has an amazing surprise for you - the Mayla restraint collection. This is the only Anoeses BDSM restraint set that features a corset instead of a belt. The corset really sets this collection apart from our other restraint sets. While other sets look seductive, submissive, and even demure, Mayla lends each person who wears it an unmistakably dominating look. If you want to discover what it feels like to be truly empowered in the bedroom, try Mayla. 

Each restraint set presented in this collection is mostly crafted from thin strips of delicate leather, but the front part of the set features luxuriously weighty and hard full-grain leather crafted in Italy. Zippers and other hardware are concealed by lining. Mayla restraint sets for BDSM play come in 3 powerful colors: navy blue, black, and red. You can also mix and match this set with panties and pasties to create an even more elaborate look. 

Just like the sets in other collections, Mayla can be used for restraining. The garment features 3 pairs of chains that lend it an aura of brutality and power. But these chains are not just decorative - they can be used to restrain you or your partner.