What do you value in bondage accessories? Is it the way they look, their quality, or the way they feel against your skin? No matter what reasoning you use when selecting new pieces for your collection of bondage restraints, Anoeses won’t leave you indifferent. On this page, you can browse our Urania collection. Crafted from luxury hard leather sourced from Italy, the set is outfitted with smooth, nickel-plated hardware that’s both durable and easy to operate. The edges of the leather used in this set are treated specifically to prevent chafing when you or your partner wear the accessories. This collection of kinky leather fixations comes in a variety of colors to give you even more control over the way your BDSM play sessions look and feel. 

While the Anoeses team believes that there’s something extremely exciting about putting your collection of restraints together piece by piece like a kinky work of art, you can also purchase the entire Urania set at once to unlock dozens of new ways to restrict your partner or be restricted by your partner. No matter which option you choose, we suggest starting to explore your new restraint set slowly. Start by using handcuffs and ankle cuffs together to heat up your excitement and get a taste of Anoeses. Next, add thigh cuffs and a belt to your kinky play. Finally, use collar, leash and various fixations to emphasize the emotional connection between you and your partner or spice up your sex life with new positions.