Uno is a brutal, sexy, and empowering collection of leather restraints that looks as good as it feels on the body. Just like all leather accessories and garments created by Anoeses, Uno is crafted from premium-quality Italian leather. The leather used to manufacture items in this set is known as hard or full-grain leather. It feels very heavy, firm, and luxurious against the skin, making Uno an ideal choice for people who like to feel more restrained while wearing leather accessories. 

The entire set of accessories in this collection comes in 5 vibrant colors: red, black, green, pink, and violet. This allows you to purchase all accessories in one color to create a complete set, or mix and match pieces of different colors to produce the precise look you and your partner desire. 

Our Uno collection consists of a wide array of accessories, including a leash, collar, handcuffs and ankle cuffs that feature double fixation, garters, thigh cuffs, a garter that connects the collar and the belt, and belts that come in two width options. You can purchase all of these pieces together as a set, or buy them separately. You can also select sets that include several items, such as our Uno X-set. Order one of our Uno sets today and discover the world of luxury leather bondage with Anoeses.