As you may already know, Anoeses offers a huge variety of BDSM accessories for all genders, shapes, and sizes. We know that sometimes, you might be in the mood for a simple choker and a pair of wrist cuffs, while other times you might feel like wearing an entire set of leather restraints. Anoeses gives you the opportunity to purchase different restraint accessories separately to prolong the pleasure and make the experience of putting together your own collection of restraints as fun as possible. Alternatively, you can purchase a full set right away if you can’t wait to begin using our accessories in action. On this page, you can browse our incredibly sexy, elegant, and versatile collection appropriately named Aura. 

All the items in this collection are crafted from incredibly opulent soft Italian leather. The material comes in matte and patent finishes to satisfy all tastes and preferences. In addition to feeling silky smooth and soft against the skin, this leather is also supremely durable. You can think of Anoeses accessories as a long-term investment into your pleasure and sexuality. Aura BDSM garments and accessories also come in a variety of colors, including white, green, ivory, pink, black, and burgundy. 

Aura collection is the best choice for people who love to experiment with new methods of fixation and novel sex positions, as these sets allow you to try over 60 different fixation variations. Just like our other collections, you can purchase different Aura accessories separately or buy a full set of restraints.