10 Weird Kinks You Have Never Heard Of

10 Weird Kinks You Have Never Heard Of


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Your partner offered you roleplaying or light bondage and you worry that their fantasies may be weird? Relax! After looking through our list of 10 craziest fetishes you might feel relieved that your partner doesn’t want to try one of these kinks.


Kleptolagnia is the state of sexual arousal caused by theft. A kleptolagniac is a person who gets aroused by stolen objects or by the process of stealing them.

One of the most common items that are typically stolen by kleptolagniacs is other people’s underwear. To be sexually exciting, the stolen object needs to intimately belong to someone.


It might be hard to believe but the so-called fart fetish, also known as eproctophilia, does exist.

Those who experience eproctophilia love to be blown at by their partner during sex, for example during facesitting. Others enjoy breathing in another person’s farts. Whether the farts need to be noisy or silent, whether they should smell mild or strong is completely individual.

Fart love is not as rare as one might initially assume. "Girls farting" clips are now available on every popular porn portal. 


Acrotomophilia is a sexual preference for people with amputated limbs. Acrotomophilia is one of the so-called deformation fetishises, which means affection for physical mutilations or malformations.

This preference is usually directed towards someone else and the cases of the person with the fetish being focused on their own body are very rare. A special sub-category of acrotomophilia is abasiophilia, where sexual partners with walking difficulties are preferred.


Compared to the fetishes mentioned above, forniphilia is definitely not the craziest kink. Forniphiliacs get sexually aroused by using other people as furniture. This sexual practice is common in the BDSM scene. A submissive partner can be used, for example, as a footstool or an ashtray. TIn this role play, the sub is dehumanized and reduced to a "thing". A thing that is at the mercy of its dom and can be used as they wish.  

Living furniture or human furniture simply serves as an ornament and an object, personality no longer plays a role and there is no communication between players in the classic sense of the word.  The human table, chair, or clothes rack is reduced to its function as furniture and must fulfill its "purpose" while maintaining absolute discipline, even over a longer period of time.  

One of the most common forms of forniphilia is the idea of a live buffet, in which a sub lies naked on a table and is covered with food. The dom then takes the food directly from the body.


Inflatophilia is an unusual sexual fetish in which a person is aroused by inflatable objects or is sexually interested in them.

Inflatophils are not limited to being aroused by inflatable dolls. This fetish includes all kinds of inflatable objects and toys. Inflatophilia is also linked to balloon fetishism. People who have sexual feelings related to balloons call themselves “looners”.

Glasses Fetishism 

The glasses fetish rarely occurs as a pure object fetish in which the glasses are the only object that causes arousal. Instead, a combination of object fetish and body worship is more common.

For most glasses fetishists, it is important that the glasses are worn by a sexy person. This is especially true for fetishists who like teacher-student  role-play and prefer to see horny teachers in glasses. 

Fetishists believe that people with glasses radiate power, superiority, wisdom, and sex appeal. 

Sometimes, glasses fetishists prefer only very specific glass frame shapes or even unusual glasses such as diving goggles or aviator goggles. 


Anyone who feels sexual arousal just by looking at or touching hair can be called a trichophilie. This fetish generally refers to body hair, but also to hair that grows on specific areas of the body. There are also cases in which people feel aroused by excessive body hair.


Dacryphilia is a weird sexual fetish where a person gets pleasure from the sight of a crying person. Tears act as an aphrodisiac for these people. Some dacryphiliacs like it when the crying person is experiencing psychological distress, feeling sadness or anger, panicking about an approaching exam, or having had a terrible argument with their partner.

Air Freshener

Air fresheners are another type of object that some people find very sexy. A Reddit user reported that a specific brand and scent of air freshener makes him sexually aroused. According to him, the reason for this is that the scent reminds him of the first time he watched porn. Others also report feeling arousal through different scents, such as perfume samples that were included in the Playboy magazine. If you find certain scents erotic and arousing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Anoeses products, as we always spray the packaging with our signature scent before mailing your products. 

Objectum Sexualis

The last crazy fetish on our list is object sexuality. Objectum sexualis is a term that is used to describe people who are attracted not to other people, but to objects. Object sexuality is actually quite widespread. There is a whole website designed to help people affected by this fetish and their partners.

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