3 Questions about Casual Sex

3 Questions about Casual Sex

'I'm done with drama in my life! Can I just have sex without involving in another's person life?' How many of you have ever thought about it?

Honestly, we think that at this point, society can normalize casual sex. Because sometimes it's not about sharing & caring all the time but about sexual act as it is, without bonding and emotional roller coasters. As if you want to shake off someone else's opinion and freely manifest yourself sexually with more than one partner. This desire is normal and can become your personal investigational journey. But before diving into the casual sex stage, you should consider these questions.

Can casual sex be intimate?

Everything depends on how you define intimacy. What does it mean to you? Some people say that essentially, true intimacy is linked to the biological need for procreation. Others think that it is about being authentic, transparent, and present. For these people, it can be easier to start casual sex relationships.

We are not here to argue with these opinions because only you can say what suits you better. Also, we'd like to outline that your definition of intimacy can change when you gain new experiences.

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What do you need, and what are your boundaries?

For casual sex scenarios, it's crucial to establish boundaries and honestly express your needs. As this type of relationship excludes emotional bonding, you should take care of your own feelings and health. Think about these questions:

  • What sexual activities can you practice with your casual sex partner?
  • How can you have safer sex? What types of precautions you and your partner must take?
  • Is your partner sex-positive? Are you sure that they won't shame or double-standardize you?
  • With whom do you want to discuss sex adventures? Do you trust this person?
  • Are there any dealbreakers?

How to communicate with a partner?

Casual sex works when both people are open to sex without commitment. This is a starting point, so be clear in expressing your exactions and be ready to hear your partner's. Actually, listening and hearing skills are important for any kind of relationship, but, in this case, emotions can appear unexpectedly. So, if it happens, you should discuss it ASAP and rearrange your first agreements. 

There's a saying that human security depends on the sweetness of the conversation. In other words, it is always beneficial to be polite. Don't forget about that.

Dear readers, we hope you have found this article helpful, and it has made its impact in destigmatizing casual sex. Because we believe that you are free to explore different types of meaningful relationships, and maybe casual sex is one of them.

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  • This article is great, it helps me to open this conversation with myself to begin with.
    But I ask ‚Ķ.. When damage and shaming has already been caused in previous relationship‚Äôs, how do you guage ‚Äėsafety‚Äô?

    Emily Rhodes

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