Top 9 good reasons to have sex as often as possible

Top 9 good reasons to have sex as often as possible

Sex is not just an opportunity to conceive children or have fun. This process is much more useful than you can imagine. So here they are nine good reasons for having sex regularly.

Reason # 1: Sex fights depression and stress

Sex has excellent quality - it helps to deal with nervousness, stress, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. Sexual intercourse can dull pain and destructive feelings. The fact is that the reproduction instinct is much stronger than the self-preservation instinct. The brain blocks all feelings except those associated with sex. Therefore, it is necessary to have sex as often as possible to get rid of stress, anxiety and depressive moods.

Reason # 2: Sex relieves headaches

Probably every man at least once in his life heard from his partner the words: ‚ÄúWell, not today, I have a headache‚ÄĚ. Sighing pretty desperately, the man suffers until such time as the pain of his darling disappears. But this is wrong, scientists say - we must take the bull by the horns. A long time ago researchers have proved that sex is the best helper in getting rid of headaches. The reason lies in the fact that during having sex, the body produces the feel-good hormone, endorphine, which contribute to instant improvement in well-being.

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Reason # 3: Sex protects against caries

It may sound strange, but sex is an excellent prevention of caries. What is the reason and where is the link? Scientists were able to prove that sperm has a beneficial effect on the condition and health of teeth. The fact is that it is rich in nutrients - zinc, calcium, fluorine. It is these substances that have a positive effect on the oral health.

Reason # 4: Sex helps hair grow

Sex should be dealt with as often as possible for the beauty of the hair. How is this related? Sex contributes to the production of estrogen, which is responsible for the natural beauty and attractiveness of women. It’s all thanks to it, who makes hair shiny and thick. In addition, sex will help cope with skin imperfections, improve complexion.

Reason # 5: Sex - prevention of female diseases

Many gynecologists agree that sex is an excellent prevention of female diseases. The fact is that active sexual life increases blood circulation in the pelvic region, and this is already a great influence on the elimination of congestion and inflammation. In general, scientists argue that people who love sex and often have it are less susceptible to various diseases.

Reason # 6: Sex contributes to harmony in the family

Psychologically, sex acts no less strongly than at the physical level. If a woman and a man have sex as often as possible, the harmony in the house will be much more noticeable. The frequency of such acts directly affects the number of arguments in the family. Therefore, have sex more often to avoid problems in pair relationship.

Reason # 7: Sex helps to get smarter

During having sex, the oxytocin hormone is produced in the head. From it, women become much smarter, thinking deeper and clearer. This conclusion was made by American scientists in the course of many years of research. Therefore, you should have sex so that the brain works more clearly.

Reason # 8: Sex increases activity

It is not only that during physical activity there is a lot of physical activity. Experts found out that after a sexual intercourse, men quickly get tired, but after a while a powerful counter reaction begins in their bodies - it makes people more active and enterprising. In this regard, experts recommend having sex on the eve of making important decisions, competitions, responsible negotiations, and so on.

Reason # 9: Sex protects against infection

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, sex can protect the body from the penetration of various infections. The fact is that the caress during the act consists of touches, due to which the immune defense of the skin and the whole body is enhanced. And it allows you to fight even the flu. Therefore, in vain people do not have sex at the first sign of a cold. After all, virologists claim that it is very useful.

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