A photostory with Anastasia

Energy is intense and complex. It is driven subconsciously. Every day we use it to discover ourselves, to make our fantasies come true.

We explore power and energy when we do something with passion. It can be our work, spending time with people with whom we feel our best and true selves, and, of course, our interests and hobbies. All these things unite in us, what makes us unique, and life becomes a kaleidoscope of events.

anoeses leather bra

In this shooting, we show how Anoeses products become a valuable addition to your hobbies. They can be the catalyst of passion.
To show our vision, we chose a genuinely inspiring model Anastasia. In her everyday life, she is fond of a variety of things. She likes boxing and gymnastic. And in our last video, she shows outstanding skills in pole dancing. On the set, when we suddenly understood that the pole does not spin, Anastasia still performed breathtaking moves.

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And, of course, we picked up lingerie which would look the most beneficial on Anastasia. So you can understand what we mean by saying – Anoeses accessories are a valuable addition to your hobbies.

anoeses leather lingerie selena
anoeses leather lingerie selena
Anoeses leather lingerie set SELENA
Kinky friends, life is a journey, adventure. And everyone is capable of making it as spectacular as you want and can. By trying new activities, you can learn about yourself more. Because our passions and interests determine us.

And if you are curious - here are some backstage photos:

Anoeses backstage from a photoshoot
Anoeses backstage from a photoshoot
Anoeses backstage from a photoshoot
Anoeses backstage from a photoshoot
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