A new photostory with Sophia

Long-awaited and desired photos are finally here. We have been receiving a lot of questions and requests to show how our sex accessories look like on other bodies, apart from conventional model ones.

Here’s the answer: all our items make the curves and lines of anybody look sexier and more erotic. We are happy to demonstrate the facts to you. The items of choice for this photo session were set «Dita» in Burgundy and harness «Gera» Ocean.

Anoeses harness gera Sophie

Truth to be said, this photoshoot with Sophia (@svoz) was not our first one involving plus-size models. In fact, this unbelievable woman has already helped us photoshoots with us in the past and the results were, as always, amazing. There is nothing more appealing and beautiful than a confident woman. The woman, who embraces herself, her body and her sexuality.

It was a pure pleasure to work with Sonya as she could show the erotics and sensuality that our sex accessories highlight in every person. That is why this photo shoot was quite different from the others we did.

Anoeses harness gera Sophie

Anoeses harness gera Sophie

anoeses sophia dita burgundy

Anoeses sophia dita burgundy

By sharing these sexy photos, we are hoping to inspire you to accept and recognize the whole spectrum of the beauty of the human body. Be courageous and explore your senses when it comes to physical and aesthetical pleasures. Be opened and see all the forms of sexuality, so that every person can experience the highest levels of satisfaction.

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