Our personality will always be the one in which we're the most interested. It doesn't mean becoming a narcissist and neglecting the fact that we can love and explore other people. But throughout our life, we're trying to understand what we love, how to make our life worth living, and how to enjoy it.

anoeses new leather harness and color

At Anoeses, we strive to create erotic products that match your unique sexuality and give you a space for exploring various possibilities. Our leather novelties are extensions of this desire. Greet NEW restraint collection MAYLA , harness AMAYA, and leather in a navy blue color!

Anoeses Mayla and Amaya


Dominatrix design and functionality – hell of a mixture combined in this restraint line! MAYLA is the first collection in which Anoeses designers included the corset instead of a belt. It forms the overall image, and other accessories submit to the dominant corset.

Anoeses restraint set mayla

While the MAYLA’s parts are made of thin leather, its front side is sewed from full-grain leather. Rivets and zippers are hidden under the lining as well.


Another word we love at Anoeses, especially when it comes to restraint sets. MAYLA includes 3 pairs of chains. They add brutality to the look and can be used in fixations. You can shackle your partner if you're in a dom mood. Or you can ask your partner to restrain you.

Functional restraint set with chains

If you want MAYLA to adorn your body completely, you can add to your kinky wardrobe panties and pasties from this line as well.


AMAYA certainly differs from Anoeses previous harnesses. Smooth arc-shaped lines that highlight every inch of a body are the most distinguishing features. These straps give a subtle, kinky, and elegant look that we personally associate with the soft BDSM scenario. Also, the top part accentuates clavicles, and then two straps merge into one with a buckle between the breasts.

leather harness with chains

AMAYA is no less intriguing at the back. Just look at this small ring. It has a decorative purpose, but how about attaching a leash or a tail to it? If you appreciate complete fetish outfits, you can order AMAYA as a set that consists of a harness, collar, arm cuffs with chains, and handcuffs.

anoeses harness mayla

Why did we start this article by writing about new possibilities? Here is the thing, our kinky friends. Anoeses lingerie is created as the extension of sexuality. MAYLA and AMAYA are good examples. By adding kinky accessories, you can discover new shades of your personality. Because how you feel in them may spark a will for sexperiments. And from our point of view, each desire deserves to be explored.

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