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From your likes and comments on our Instagram, we’ve noticed that you enjoyed our recent photoshoot of two models wearing our leather sets, just as much as we did it! That is why we decided to share even more beauty and aesthetics with you by publishing not only the results but also some backstage pics from this photoshoot.

Here at Anoeses, every photoshoot is exceptional for us. We try to express the sensuality of all our accessories and to emphasize the most subtle shades of human sexuality.

As our gorgeous models were tied to each other, our eyes were caught by delicacy and grace on white sheets on the floor. Aesthetics of chains, cuffs, leather, and few beautiful naked bodies were the key elements for a successful and jaw-dropping photoshoot.

Have a look at some tasteful images we haven’t yet shown anywhere:

And now we would like to pull back the curtain on some backstage of this photoshoot:
Anoeses  backstage Set Uno red, set uno blackAnoeses  backstage Set Uno red, set uno black

We surely had fun creating such irresistible and powerful content to demonstrate you all the pros of mutual and criss-cross bondage. Many thanks to our beautiful models who share the same passion as we do. Thank you for helping us to share the whole concept of love and intimacy.

We hope to inspire and motivate you with these photos!


very glad I at last registered

ZacharyFax April 27, 2020

Love this website and the content, I always read it and find it very interesting and entertaining. Continue like this <3

DavidSkego April 27, 2020

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