Anoeses Corsets

Anoeses Corsets

The 70s was the moment when corsets stormed into lives as fetish-fashion garments. We're applauding Vivienne Westwood, who led punk fashion at that time. She embodied the idea of liberation and made corsets rebellious and highly sexualized. A corset is full of lust, and that explains our interest in them. We consider it as a symbol of sexual empowerment and confidence in yourself.

Corsets are feminine, and from this comes their beauty. At Anoeses, we have the body cult, and that explains our love for this garment. We were trying to reach maturity and harmony in their design that obtains the hourglass figure. All our corsets bring the feeling of desire and provocation.

As we sew them from hard, aka full-grain leather, they look powerfully exaggerated. Therefore, we put an emphasis on a minimalistic and elegant design that balances the eye-catching character of the leather. Anoeses corsets will accentuate your body, so you'll look like a masterpiece and feel sexy on the city streets, fetish parties, and bedroom. So let's take a closer look at them.


YASMIN is the first corset in the Anoeses collection.While it's weighty, it amazingly holds its shape, and emphasizes a smooth waistline. YASMIN has comfortable cups and an inverted Y cut. It slightly reminds ornate baroque patterns. 4 buckles in the back give a pinch of brutality to its design.


Corset LENNON looks like fire tongues. Do you know what it means? Right, it's time to inflame your wardrobe with the new kinky-casual corset. LENNON'S design is saucy and dangerous because of wavy lines and pointed cut in the middle.


ARIA is indeed a powerful corset that will boost your self-confidence to the highest peak. It's just impossible not to love your curves when you're wearing this corset. Everything in ARIA's design highlights your silhouette. The high corset covers breasts and forms a thin waist. Its embossed seams add volume and visually uplift the chest area.

What other leather items can you add to your outfit?



Panties SELENA





Handcuffs URANIA

These are just our suggestions on how to combine Anoeses corsets with other fetish items. Feel free to create outfits that will ignite your unique sexuality and lifestyle.

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