A new project: Anoeses Restraint Manual

A new project: Anoeses Restraint Manual


Are you familiar with our restraining sets? Or maybe you even have one. That's perfect! Because we are happy to introduce to you the Anoeses restraint manual!

What is Anoeses Restraint Manual?

It is a guide to more than 60 fixations you can do with our restraining sets. It is based on the set AURA. But it is applicable for DITA, UNO, URANIA, COBRA as well. You can learn how to do them and find inspiration for your BD scenes.

anoeses restraint set

For whom we did this tutorial?

This manual is for people who love sex. Who take full responsibility for their sexual activity and experience. And who adore Anoeses sets. Are you this person?

What are the fixations?

This manual covers a wide range of fixations and poses for complete beginners and pros. If you just bought your full set or some elements from it, you can learn the basics of using them and start your sexperiments. And if you are in BD scenarios like a fish to water, you can find fixations that will take your play to a higher level.

Anoeses restrait manual

How can you get the manual?

First of all, be honest with yourself and decide if you are a newbie in the BDSM world or not. The manual is divided into 3 parts: Basic, Medium, and Advanced.

And it has 2 levels. The first one includes Basic and Medium, and the second one has Advanced part plus videos of the fixation process.

Great! Now we can move on.

Go to the "MORE" section on our website, add the chosen manual to the cart and purchase it. After this, we generate PERSONAL login and password and email it to you. Easy breezy!

Anoeses restraint advanced

Oh, we almost forgot. All copyrights on the product are reserved. And we ask you not to share or sell Anoeses restraint manual.

That's it. Take yourself, your partner, Anoeses set, and let's sexperiment!

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