Close your eyes, baby! And other forms of sensory deprivation.

Close your eyes, baby! And other forms of sensory deprivation.

It's not a secret that when you block one of your senses, the other run high. At Anoeses, we believe that a body is the source of great pleasure, and we want to tell you more about sensory deprivation. And also how you can use it in your sexperiments. Are you intrigued? Awesome! Let's move on.

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What is sensory deprivation?

It's when you block or restrict one of the senses. This is popular in BDSM scenes because such restrictions remove the ability to fully interact with the world, which leads to the exchange of power with a partner. Also, it is worth to mention that sensory deprivation helps some people to concentrate more on a partner and a play or simply calms them down.

Alright, what are the types of sensory deprivation?

anoeses deprivation

Hearing. The deprivation of hearing can be done with earplugs. They are really cheap, and you can find them in your local store. Also, you can use earmuffs. You can buy them in a building materials store.

anoeses deprivation

Sight. To block this sense, you can use blindfolds, masks, or something that you can find in a wardrobe, for example, a tie.

anoeses deprivation

Taste. As it may sound weird, some people enjoy it when they can't taste anything. Hmmm, not anything but to feel only one particular strong savor. Like super hot souse or lemon juice.

anoeses deprivation

Smell. This one is not very popular because… well, how does it connect to sexperiment? Actually, there is one intriguing play, but it includes the restriction of all senses. So, you block everything your partner can feel, stand aside, and watch. If your partner in the right sexual mood, his/her brain can start to dream up sensations. To restrict the smell, you can use nose plugs.

anoeses deprivation

Touch. You wonder how? One word - sleeping bag. We know that this sounds a little out of this planet, but still, if you want to restrict someone's ability to feel a touch, a sleeping bag works well.

As you see, there are a lot of options that can spice up your dances in bed. But we suggest to try them in turn. Especially if you are a newbie. First of all, you can't be sure 100% that your partner won't have a claustrophobia or panic attack. Secondly, you are not running for a prize, so there is no need to try everything in one play. Stretch the pleasure.

It is all for today. Kinky friends, be aware, be careful, and stay sexy as hell! We love you all.

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