Collared sub, what does it mean?

Collared sub, what does it mean?

The act of being collared holds various meanings for different people, especially within BDSM circles. Depending on the dominant partner, it can represent a fresh start in a journey of exploration and discovery, or it may signal a step in the submissive's training process.

It's important to note that every dominant has their unique approach and preferences in regard to collaring. As such, the symbolism of a collar can vary significantly depending on the dynamics of the particular BDSM relationship.

Ultimately, the meaning of being collared is highly personal and subjective, shaped by the unique experiences, desires, and boundaries of the individuals involved.

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You wouldn't rush into a marriage without truly getting to know the person you're marrying, right? The same is with collaring!


For submissives in the BDSM community, the journey towards being collared is unique to each individual and dynamic. Every dominant partner may handle this step differently, and some may not even use a traditional collar at all.

What kinds of collars and other symbolical elements can be in a collaring ceremony?

  • Metallic collars with a locker are the most popular ones.
  • Leather collars with engraving. (Here're 100 ideas of engraving ideas).
  • Piercing of a nose, nipples, or other areas you want.
  • Other forms of jewelry: bracelets, rings, etc.
  • Tattoos.

Collaring ceremony - is an event to honor a commitment between dominant and submissive. In essence, the journey toward being collared is a highly personal and intricate process that requires a great deal of patience, trust, and communication between both the dominant and submissive partners.

Many people in the BDSM lifestyle take months or even years to reach the point of being collared. It's not a decision to be taken lightly and rushing into it can lead to potential problems. For many, being collared is considered a bond that's even stronger than marriage.


What's the Velcro collar then?

Some argue that a Velcro collar cheapens the meaning of a true collar, which is typically earned through a process of mutual respect and devotion.

In the BDSM community, a Velcro collar is often seen as lacking the depth and significance of a traditional collar. This is because it can be given and taken away with ease, without necessarily requiring any real commitment or trust between the dominant and submissive partners.


How can a sub earn a collar?

Earning a collar in the BDSM community often involves a process of obedience, training, and advancing in the relationship with one's dominant partner. However, there's no fixed timetable for this, and rushing it can have negative consequences.

Overall, a collaring ceremony is a personal and meaningful event that symbolizes the deep level of commitment and trust between the dominant and submissive partners. Some may choose to celebrate it with a party or other gathering.

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