Collaring ceremony

Collaring ceremony

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One morning, kinky Holly Golightly woke up, took a cup of coffee and croissant, and was looking through accessories at It was a wonderful morning when she had opened our COLLARS section and found herself ready to do a collaring ceremony.

anoeses collaring

Collaring ceremony - is an event to honor a commitment between dominant and submissive.

At the ceremony, a dom puts on his / her sub a collar that manifests that they have a long-term DS relationship. Remember that this celebration is not only for 24/7 master and slave power exchange relations.

anoeses collaring

Why did Holly decide that she is ready for such a commitment? (Applies to every couple)

  • She and her partner feel fulfilled in the relationship. They have mutual trust and honesty. And most importantly, she feels free to be her true self around him.
  • Holly sees her partner in her future.
  • They have already talked through the topics about monogamy and polyamory, finances, religion, kids, kinks and fantasies they have.
  • She feels secure and happy with him, and they can grow together as personalities.
  • Holly doesn't want to try to fix something in their relationship. She sees the collaring ceremony as the next step of their DS relation.
anoeses collaring

What Holly Golightly and her partner can do during the ceremony?

Well, everything they want! They can have a small event just for two of them or invite the closest friends from their local BDSM community, or celebrate it with their relatives. Also, they can choose any location they want, rent a venue for a reception, take a long weekend that will culminate with the collaring ceremony, go to a local dungeon. Holly and her partner may consider having a white wedding in the morning when they will exchange vows and rings. And in the evening, they may have a black wedding when she would have her collar put on. It’s a great idea to include some significant aspects of their role-play or set a theme.

What kinds of collars and other symbolical elements can be in a collaring ceremony?

  • Metallic collars with a locker are the most popular ones.
  • Leather collars with engraving. Holly put her foot on this variant.
  • Piercing of a nose, nipples, or other areas you want.
  • Other forms of jewelry: bracelets, rings, etc.
  • Tattoos.
anoeses collaring

Alright, that's amazing that our kinky lady knows all this stuff. Now, the most important thing is to talk about the event and her readiness with her partner. Right now, she is coping the link at that leads to the COLLARS section. She will send it as a hint to her partner.

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