DETERMINED — new Anoeses collection

DETERMINED — new Anoeses collection

This November, Anoeses is taking things further, and you are invited on this journey of exploration and pleasure.

DETERMINED is our new all-leather drop, consisting of six sets, high-quality as always but edgy and sophisticated like never before. 

Open the doors for pleasure

DETERMINED is like a tour of a house where a celebration of pleasure takes place, like in Damien Chazelle's movie Babylon. This collection was inspired by people who know what they want, and even if they don't, they are actively exploring themselves and their desires.

Leather, as the central material of DETERMINED, states that we do not create things you wear once to add some spice to yourself temporarily. Our products are a lifestyle; they fit perfectly not only because we test each item and create them to order but also because they are part of the identity of those who wear them.


This drop is very special for us because of its creative concept and as a way to show you an even higher level of our team's professionalism in designing garments. We experimented with bondage and restraint and found unique ways to reinvent bras and panties.

EVA set will captivate you with its details. The petals on the bra are reminiscent of a beautiful open lotus. The lock on the panties implies many secrets you and your partner(s) will entrust to each other while exploring your fantasies.

The design of FREYA harness top is based on the idea of combining and simplifying bondage and bra. With its aesthetics and functionality, FREYA will become a gem of your spicy kinky collection.

Discover more of the DETERMINED collection here.

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