Do not take fake!

Do not take fake!


Lately, we ran into a problem. As Anoeses grows, we started to notice that a lot of fraud stealing our content. It's sad! But the world was always divided into those who create and those who make hay.

As creators, we spend a lot of time on making Anoeses brand special. We choose only materials of premium quality to intensify your sexual pleasure. And every product displays our own vision and aesthetics.

Our social media channels represent the same idea of high quality and 100% uniqueness. So we dedicate a lot of time to design photography, to choose models, and to search senses that fill up. All our content is produced indoor. Also, we always try to find ways to show you the functionality and beauty of our accessories.

Because we make such efforts, we don't want some dishonest sellers to deceive you. So read the following attentively:

  • Our official points of sale are websites and All other places sell fake products hiding behind our visual content.
  • Our official social media channels are Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. For now, we communicate only there.
  • We are not responsible for products you can buy on any other placement except named above. Since we use only premium quality materials, Anoeses' accessories can't cost less. Rember that.
  • Please, inform us if you see stolen content from Anoeses and report on them on social media.

In conclusion, we want to thank you for choosing us. We appreciate your trust, and we promise to do as much as possible to enrich your sex life.

Be aware, sexy and open-minded,

Anoeses team!


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