Domestic discipline punishments

If you want to diversify your relationship and don’t mind taking on a certain role in it, domestic discipline (DD) may be something to try. It is a style of relationship where a man and a woman have defined roles. 

In domestic discipline relationships, men have authority over women. A man creates rules for a woman that she needs to follow and if she disobeys, he decides on punishment for her. A woman’s role often lies in taking care of the household or maintaining healthy relationships in the family. At the same time, a man provides structure for this and controls how well other family members do their roles. 

Domestic discipline resembles the patriarchal system and embodies the ideal household described in the Bible. So this type of relationship will best suit straight monogamous couples who may also be Christians who believe in the teachings laid out in the Bible. That’s why this practice is sometimes called Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD).

Is domestic discipline a part of BDSM?

It is important to distinguish between domestic discipline and BDSM. They have the discipline and punishment elements in common, but BDSM is much wider in scope than DD. BDSM is comprised of bondage and all other erotic activities and this lifestyle doesn’y have set roles for men and women, as both men and women can be in the submissive position. For instance, in BDSM, the wife can discipline the husband, but in domestic discipline, it will be the opposite all the time. Domestic discipline may not work for you if you are a woman who is not ready to completely submit to her man.

One similarity between BDSM and domestic discipline is the punishment. As in BDSM, in DD a man can decide on a relevant punishment for a woman and it should be aligned with the severity of the mistake she's made. In domestic discipline, the punishment mostly doesn’t involve bondage or impact play with toys. However, spanking is quite widespread as a form of domestic discipline punishment, especially over-the-knee domestic spanking. 

Also, domestic discipline participants often sign a contract before being involved in this kind of relationship. It serves as guidance for both parties on what the rules are and which punishments will follow if these rules are broken. The husband will usually outline a wife discipline program that she has to agree to. Consent is a must for both BDSM and adult domestic discipline relationships. 

Domestic discipline punishments 

So what should a man do if his woman breaks domestic discipline rules? You can find the most common domestic discipline punishments below. 

Domestic spanking 

In domestic discipline spanking is split into spanking as punishment and maintenance spanking. A certain number of spanks can be used as punishment for bad behavior. This includes spanking with a hand, paddle, hairbrush, or any other item. As soon as the punishment is administered, the mistake is forgiven and doesn’t require any more discussion or punishment. It’s different from maintenance spanking - it is done at a predetermined time on a regular basis to reaffirm the couple’s roles and power exchange. 

When you’re spanking your partner, it is necessary not to put too much force. The number of spanks is what counts and you don’t want to cause too much pain to your submissive. Another rule is that the man shouldn’t be angry before domestic spankings. If he is still furious about something that has led to punishment, he needs to calm down and only then spank his partner as a punishment.

Corner time 

This type of domestic discipline requires the woman to sit or kneel in a corner facing a wall for a defined period of time. Alternatively, she can just face a wall or stand in front of a wall. In some cases, a woman can also be naked during corner time or have her hands behind her back to feel more vulnerable. Sometimes, corner time is accompanied by spanking. 

Bedroom time

This punishment requires the sub to spend a defined period of time in a room without being allowed to go out. It can also be combined with other ways of domestic discipline punishment.

Sending to bed early 

Instead of not being allowed to move or leave a room for some time, a man can also reduce the amount of time a woman stays awake. It is especially useful if her bad behavior is related to going to sleep late. By this type of punishment, the man can make her go to bed at a reasonable time and also show care for her health.

Writing lines 

Another idea for domestic discipline punishment is writing lines. If a woman does something wrong, she has to write a certain phrase or sentence many times, for example, 100 or 500 times. This sentence has to be connected to her misdoing, so by writing this line she can admit her mistake. Writing it will make her more aware of the issue. 

How to make a domestic discipline relationship work ?

Domestic discipline relationships can work only if both partners agree to take defined roles and believe that it will enhance their relationship. If someone is unwilling to take on a role or doesn’t feel comfortable in it (it can concern not only women but men as well), it’s probably not the best choice to be involved in a domestic discipline relationship. Remember that mutual consent, defined rules, punishment methods, and limits are what makes domestic discipline different from abuse.

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  • It is best for both types of spanking to be bare bottom with the spankee presenting the spanker with the implement. Corner time should always follow completely naked with hands behind and no movement until permission given for any reason. A set amount of corner time should be observed but can go over but not under.

    Jo Russell

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