Epic teasing

Epic teasing

Edging or orgasm control is the art of epic teasing. It is a technique that allows you not only to see the stars while climaxing but to go in a galaxy far, far away. If to put all metaphors aside, edging – is the sexual practice when you take your partner to the highest point before orgasm and then pull back. This way, you don't allow the release to happen. You increase the stimulation, and it feels like your partner is about to burst.

Why we experience more intense orgasms with edging?

It's all about the delay of gratification. You tease your partner to the point when he/she can't take it anymore. And every nerve ending in the body longs for pleasure. The desire to finally have an orgasm is so strong that it intensifies the climax.

How to perform edging?

First of all, think about communication. You and your partner should have verbal or non-verbal signals that will communicate what you feel at the moment, so you can pull back on time. Of course, you may not need them if you know your sexual partner for a long time and you know how the wrinkles of pleasure look under the eyes or what sounds he/she moan when orgasm is about to explode.

The squeeze method works great for people with penises. Right before ejaculating, stop all motions and squeeze the top part. Don't be afraid. It won't hurt if you do it lovably and not like you taking an act of revenge for dirty dishes.

For the partner with the vulva, stimulate the clitoris as lightly as possible and pull away just before climaxing. In edging, the most important part is its repetition and delaying orgasm as long as possible.

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Also, if you want to add some BDSM elements, you can try bondage or sensory deprivation. By restricting moves or ability to see, you shift your partner's attention to what's going on down there. And don't forget about sex toys because they can give you other sensations that sometimes are even more colorful.

As we told before, repetition is key in becoming the master of edging. Yes, the first pancake can be spoiled. But the more you communicate with your partner, the more you learn the shadows of his / her orgasm, the closer you become to the phrase, 'Darling, please, I beg you! Make me come.'

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