Anoeses: from order to receipt

Anoeses: from order to receipt

Ready to dive into your erotic self and practice bondage? We invite you to Anoeses world of restraint setsharnessesleather lingerie and latex. Browse our selection and get 10% off on the first order.

Hi, kinky friends! Sometimes when you order accessories and lingerie that will play a significant role in your sexperiments, fear or doubt may appear involuntary. Will it fit me? What if I won't get what I expect? What if I get a damaged product? Wait for a second, I'm close to a panic attack.

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We totally understand you and this chain of thoughts. We've all been there. That's why this week's article, we would like to dedicate to the way that your order goes. We hope that our words will reduce stress levels caused by shopping for intimate items online and also will give you a glimpse of how we work at Anoeses.

I've ordered, now what?

- Our managers contact you shortly. Just please don't forget to include your email address. We send you gratitude for choosing our product, and we clarify all your measurements. So you can get the item just right for your body. Sometimes, according to your answers, we mix the sizes in sets and harnesses

anoeses order

- If you have added the engraving to your cart, we ask you about the place where you want to see it, what words you would like to be engraved, and in what font. We prepare a layout and send it to you for approval. If you have some last comments, we make corrections until you are satisfied.

- Also, we can customize your order if you have intriguing ideas, and it is technically possible. For example, you can ask us to make straps wider or narrower on the accessory, remove rivets, or cover them with leather. Such customization is additionally paid.

- Now, your order goes to our manufacture. We cut the leather with a laser, sand, process, dye, and assemble the accessory. Then we add the hardware. The production time is from 7 to 10 business days.

- Before we pack your order, we always test its quality. For example, we can even use scissors to check the mash-fabric of our catsuits and bodysuits.

- Then, we pack accessories in our gift box. We do it super attentively, so the product won't be damaged during delivery. You can also add a card with wishes to your partner.

- After we ship your order, we always notify you and provide a tracking number. Shipping time takes from 1 to 3 business days.

anoeses order

As you see, we collaborate and chat with you all the time. Because we want you to receive the accessory in which you can look sexy as hell. It is our high priority.

Enjoy the shopping,
Anoeses Team

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