Hard or Soft leather?

Hard or Soft leather?

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Gather around, leather lovers! Today we want to initiate closer acquaintance with the types of leather that Anoeses uses to produce accessories. We find this information of great importance because we want our products to bring you joy, spice up your sex life, and become a purchase you won't regret.

Here at Anoeses, we see leather as the material to create art. That's why when we interview a new employee, we ask the question, 'Do you have a leather fetish?'

Just kidding, but it's crucial for us that people who work with leather respect its power and find the source of creativity in it. Also, from the day the Anoeses brand was born, we understood that we want to work only with premium quality material. So we decided to order it from Italy. Art. Leather. Italy. Leo da Vinci would love that.

Right now, we sew accessories from two types of the leather: hard and soft.

What's hard leather?

Hard leather, also known as full-grain, it's a top-of-the-line type of leather. On a scale from 0 to 10, it will stand on 11. Full-grain leather is famous for its high durability. Also, we use that specific type that is almost without imperfections on the surface. In the leather goods world, it is considered rare and is highly prized.

Hard leather is strong and stiff. That's why when you wear accessories sewed from this material, they will feel weighty and rich on your body.

Anoeses hard leather sets




What's soft leather?

anoeses soft leather

It's the second type of leather that we purchase, also called corrected grain leather. This material goes through a buffing process, so it doesn't have any imperfections. The surface is smooth and soft. Also, products from corrected grain leather are lighter and feel creamy on the body.

Anoeses soft leather color palette deserves special attention. You may notice that accessories from this material have a wider choice of colors. Why? Because craftsmen in Italy use the mineral (chrome) tanning technique to dye it. As a result, you can choose from a wide range of alluring shades that will retain throughout many years of usage.

Anoeses soft leather sets



Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing leather accessories?

  1. How do I want to feel in it? More restricted or more comfortable?
  2. What colors will make me feel sexy as hell?
  3. Do I want to start a collection of leather accessories or buy a full-restraint set at a time?

NOTE! Restraint sets sewed either from soft or hard leather have the same functionality because they consist of identical items.  

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