Leather = timeless

Leather = timeless

If you are reading this, chances are that we have something in common. Unapologetically bold style choices. Because you should feel adventurous to wear full-look leather or even put it on as the centerpiece of your outfit.


Perfect shape leather garment is timeless.

When you purchase items sewn from this material, you make an investment. We honestly love the idea that Anoeses garments can accompany you from season to season, and absorb your personal experiences, giving you the motive to be your most courageous self.

Leather is both edgy and elegant.

The material that we use is called full-grain leather. (Surely, we also have garments sewn from soft leather, aka corrected leather, and some of our restraint sets are available in vegan leather. But for today, we would like to concentrate more on the full-grain one.) It is the most expensive and valuable type of leather in the world. Its distinctive features are pores, wrinkles, and other artifacts that signal about its natural origin.

Corset YASMIN & panties SELENA

Such ‘defects’ make full-grain leather unique. So, even if you are looking at our popular corset KEILIR, thinking: Hmmm, I wanted something unrepeated just for myself, but I am sure someone already has it… Maybe it is not so unique as they state. Yes, we can repeat the design, but we can’t repeat the exclusive story of lines and patterns that live on a piece of full-grain leather. Every Anoeses garment is truly exceptional.

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