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Wow! We actually did it. We have finally released our collection of leather accessories for men. It is pretty big and long-awaited news for all Anoeses lovers. And before we are going to pass to the part where we will introduce the collection, we want to say thank you. Thank you, kinky friends, for encouraging us to do it! It is bliss to have such a beautiful community at Anoeses.

anoeses men's collection

Let's come back to men's collection. Our aim was to create a line of leather accessories that would embody an aesthetic image of men who are sexually open and honest about their desires. Every product manifests masculinity in all its handsomeness. We see masculinity as a potent part that lives in a person. This part is powerful, bold, and fulfills the body and mind with a desire to develop in all spheres of life, including sexuality.

As serious we're about further expending the lineup of accessories, we decided to add the whole section devoted to men at There you can find our harnesses - strong and brutal KORD, playful ZED with suede leather, elegant TRIAN, and bellicose ARWIN.

anoeses leather men harness

anoeses leather men harness

anoeses leather men harness

anoeses leather men harness

To develop the collection, we, as always, used a full-grain leather that breathes with power. Also, we experimented with decorative elements: nickel-plated rivets, rings, and chains. In combination with wide straps and belts that entwine the body, these elements make the design of accessories well-balanced between roughness and elegancy.

For men who would like to experiment with leather panties, we have prepared ARGIS and ANSGAR. All their beauty is that you can easily combine them with harnesses to create a total leather look.

anoeses leather panties for men

anoeses leather panties for men

We tried to put together a one-piece look for men. And in our not-so-humble opinion, we did it. All these accessories you can introduce to your sex life or if you dare and it is in your nature wear with casual clothes. We, actually, find intriguing the idea of ​​one of our harnesses under or even over your shirt.

And do not forget about our waist-bags MEI, JOY, and KALLEN. In them, you find a place for your cell-phone and for a rope or handcuffs.

Anoeses leather bag mei
anoeses leather bag joy
anoeses leather bag kallen

For those who are just starting to investigate the world of leather accessories and feel like - well, it's interesting. But I'm not sure that I'm ready for a full set. We launched collars TELL and KAI, plus bracelet RYZE.

anoeses leather men collars

In the final chord, we would like to thank our team for bringing the first Anoeses men's collection to life. You are awesome! Great thanks to all of you.

Kinky friend, why are you still here? Hurry up to check out all accessories at the MENS section on this website.

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