New bodies and catsuits by Anoeses

Anoeses new drop of bodysuits came out!

It's all started when Mr. K said that Anoeses permanent collection needs a fresh view and a lingerie line that will explode with sexuality and Anoeses aesthetic. So this drop is the beginning of something way bigger.

What is so special about this bodysuit drop?

First of all, they are the results of the creativity of a new Anoeses designer. Second of all, this drop changes the rules of the game for our lingerie collection. Because they can make you feel sexy as hell beyond your bedroom.

Let's take a closer look at them.

Anoeses catsuit DUA

Anoeses catsuit DUA

Anoeses catsuit PAIGE

Anoeses catsuit PAIGE

These body and bodysuit differ from everything we sewed before because, in them, we've experimented with 2 kinds of fabrics: mesh and biflex. And we think we nailed it! The central part with the cut in the middle is sewed from biflex. It makes the figure look elegant af.


Anoeses body KITANA

Anoeses body KITANA

This bodysuit challenges the current situation in the world. As you can see, the essential parts of its design are the mask and gloves. And hell, we need those things right now! KITANA is sewed from biflex fabric.

Anoeses body set TAYA

Anoeses body set TAYA

This bodysuit had huge resonance in our Instagram, especially its shorts. TAYA consists of 3 separate items: gloves that go into sleeves, bodysuit, and hot shorts that open the buttocks.

Few more words about Anoeses bodysuits and catsuits.

We sew them on your personal measurements. Because we're in love with the human body and want to be sure that Anoeses lingerie will fit you well.Prepare the ruler and explore our LINGERIE section!

Anoeses team  

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