New collection: Anoeses x Kofta

New collection: Anoeses x Kofta

Everything in us is the story. From an unnoticeable thought to the way you decide to appear - you tell your unique story. And when you carry the Anoeses x Kofta art objects, they stimulate the power that surrounds you wherever you go.

The collection is the merger of erotic minds and realistic shapes. When you use or wear the art object, it becomes the erotic part of you that you’d like to share.

teaser from Anoeses on Vimeo.


Art object #1: Corset

The corset captures the tenderness of the breasts. It will enhance the elegance of your outfit and boost your confidence.


Art object #2: Collar

The collar magnetizes with brutality and boldness. Its form repeats the chain and is an embodiment of a power exchange dynamic.


Art object #3: Bag

This accessory is wired to the world of fetishes. The bag repeats the shape of the freshly flogged buttocks, and inside - the space to keep your erotic tools and accessories.


Art object #4: Face mask

This design is also deeply rooted in fetish and games. It captures the form of the hand, establishes power and discipline.


All pieces from the Anoeses x Kofta collection repeat the forms that strike the imagination. These garments are available for pre-order. Click here to view the whole collection.

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