Everything You Need To Know About The Swinging Lifestyle

Everything You Need To Know About The Swinging Lifestyle

Do you want to discover for yourself the world of swinging but don't know where to start? No worries! This article is going to answer the most common questions about the swinging lifestyle.

Many swinger couples say that this lifestyle makes their sex more intriguing and exciting. For some people it is absolutely true, but not for everyone. However, to determine what is good for your couple you need to trust your partner and communicate with them, otherwise, you might end up going through a very traumatic experience. 

So, let's begin. 

What Does Swinging Mean?

Swinging is a type of sexual activity in which (usually married) couples have different types of sexual interactions with other couples. Partner swapping is the most distinguishing characteristic of the swinging lifestyle. 

The couples may swap partners while being in the same or different rooms, depending on the preferences of the participants. Sometimes these activities can also involve orgies where some people just watch their partners have sex with others. 

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What Does Hard Swinging Mean?

There are two types of swinging, namely soft and hard. The only difference between the two is that soft swinging often does not involve penetration while hard swinging does.

Why Do People Choose the Swinging Lifestyle?

Many people choose to try swinging because are looking for something new in sex. After all, variety is often the key to satisfying sex life. Swinging can be very exciting for couples where the two partners can freely share their fantasies with each other and are comfortable trying sex with other couples. Some swingers even notice that sex with their permanent partner becomes better after they start practicing swinging. And for many swinging is hot simply because it is taboo in our society. 


Sometimes people become swingers by chance. Others try to repair their relationship with the help of new sex practices. There are also situations where swinging becomes a carefully thought out decision taken by a couple that wants to add some spice to their sex life.

Do Partners Cheat in Swinging?

Cheating is about a breach of trust between partners. But if the decision to engage in swinging was made by a couple openly, then how can it be considered cheating? Only you and your partner have the right to define the rules in your relationship. Thus, if both of you agree on swinging, it becomes normal in your relationship. 

The most important part of this decision should be the desire of both partners. Forcing someone into swinging or being forced into it will only result in growing resentment.

Is There Romance in Swinging?

Swinging is more about sex than romance. Of course, you might choose a permanent couple or pick a new one every time. But if falling in love with those other couples is on the table for you and your partner, you should understand that it is considered polyamory, not swinging. If you have a romantic relationship with someone other than your permanent partner, you are most likely in an open relationship. 

Typically, the swinging lifestyle doesn’t affect non-sexual parts of the relationship. On the contrary, many swingers say that the lifestyle helps them and their partner grow together and thus improves their relationship.

Making Swinging A Success

The key to successful swinging is the quality of your own relationship. It should be built on respect and understanding. You have to not be afraid to openly talk to your partner about difficult topics such as jealousy, cheating, romance, and so on. 

Even if you find the swinging lifestyle to be exciting, there may be some factors that could make it not the best choice for your relationship. This is why you need to objectively evaluate a lot of factors such as your relationship and your partner’s stance on swinging and build realistic expectations. And if you try swinging but don’t feel comfortable, you can just stop and not repeat the experience again. This lifestyle definitely won't suit everyone and that’s normal. 

Swinger Statistics

According to the Kinsey Institute, there are 4 million swingers in the USA alone. However, these numbers might be very understated since many people may not want to reveal this information about themselves. 

As mentioned above, swinger couples are typically married. According to some studies, the swingers’ age can vary greatly, with middle-aged couples being the most common group. The frequency with which couples engage in this lifestyle does not depend on education, political views, or salary level. Typically, swinger couples are straight, however, you can also find gay couples that engage in swinging.

Swinging is most prevalent in Europe and the USA, but the lifestyle is also becoming more popular in Asia.

Can I Become a Swinger if I Don't Have a Partner?

Although it is way easier to become swingers for people in a couple than for an individual alone, many swinging events will gladly invite women to have sex with couples. But if you’re a single man, engaging in swinging will be much harder, as many swingers feel that a man without a partner is a turn-off.

Getting Into the Swinging Lifestyle

There are many different ways to get into the swinging lifestyle. Sometimes, two couples may feel a natural attraction towards each other and they may engage in swinging without prior planning after a night of partying.

However, the most common way to find other swingers nowadays is definitely the internet. It comes especially in handy if you don't have too many couple friends or are too shy to offer to swing with them. You can post an ad on Craigslist, use a dating website such as OkCupid, or an app such as Tinder. 

You can also utilize platforms such as Mixxxer, LoveVoodoo, Swing Lifestyle, and Swingers Date Club, which are dedicated exclusively to swinging.

Another popular option is swinging clubs. Many large cities have swinging clubs that welcome new couples. And once you get to know the swinging crowd in your city, you might even get invited to some private parties.

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