What Does It Feel Like For A Woman To Have Sex?

What Does It Feel Like For A Woman To Have Sex?


Most men have wondered what sex feels like for a woman at least once in their lives. After all, male and female bodies are so different and they do completely different things during sex. However, it turns out that this question is not that easy to answer since sex might not feel the same even for two women. It is amazing how people with the same reproductive organs might perceive sex very differently. In this article, we will try to give you a general idea of what sex feels like for women and what makes sex feel good for females.

What Does It Feel Like for a Woman to Have Sex?

Typically the question “What is sex like for a girl?” implies “What does it feel like to have a penis in your vagina?”. Just like women don't know what penetrating someone feels like, men can’t know what it means to be penetrated vaginally. Some females state that having a penis in a vagina feels like being filled by a man and getting closer to him. 

However, penetration doesn't always feel good for women. Many women say that initially, it hurts until they get used to the presence of a penis, and only after that pain is replaced by pleasure. Very often this pleasure is felt throughout the entire body and not just the vagina.

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The vagina is typically not very sensitive to textures or the rigidity of a penis. However, it is usually easy for a woman to feel different textures on toys and differentiate between a penis and fingers. According to some women, stimulation of the G-spot might lead to squirting. However, for this to happen a man needs to take his penis out of the woman’s vagina. Also, double penetration might intensify the sensations.  

However, it is important to remember that for women, sex is not just about penetration. For most of them, clitoral stimulation is necessary to reach an orgasm. Women often state that the best sex results from experiencing clitoral stimulation while having a penis inside the vagina.

For a woman, the clitoris is equivalent to a man’s penis, as it has a shaft, head, and prepuce, and it can also become erect. However, the clitoris is typically more sensitive than the penis since it has more nerve endings. That is why if a woman is not aroused, direct stimulation of the clitoris might feel painful.

Also, other parts of a woman’s body become more sensitive when she gets aroused. For example, touching a woman’s nipples during sex might feel very stimulating. You have to experiment to get to know your partner’s body and bring her the most pleasure.

What Does Unsatisfying Sex Feel Like for a Woman?

As we’ve already mentioned, penetration can feel different for every woman and it can be pleasant or unpleasant depending on the circumstances. Very often lack of lubrication is the main reason for painful feelings a woman experiences during sex. This can happen because the woman is not aroused or she is on some medications such as blood pressure medication and antihistamines which can affect vaginal lubrication. Menopause can also make a woman’s vagina dryer. On the other hand, a woman may not experience enough friction because of excessive lubrication.

The size of the penis and the speed of penetration also play a role. Guys with large penises can very easily hurt their partners. At the same time, penetration that’s too quick or rough might lead to pain.

For many women, the cervix is another potential source of pain. While some females find cervical stimulation pleasant, many say that their cervixes are too sensitive. So, sex during which the penis regularly hits the cervix due to its size or position might not give the best experience. It is important to mention that the cervix changes its position depending on the day of the menstrual cycle, thus making the pain more intense when the cervix gets lower.

Other factors such as arthritis, old injuries, or bodyweight also influence how sex feels, especially when the position is uncomfortable for a woman. Plus, due to the wall between the vagina and the anus being very thin, a woman might feel bloated during sex or even pass gas. 

Remember that it is very difficult for a woman who finds sex to be painful to enjoy it. This will result in faking pleasure and orgasms. That is why communication is the key to achieving sex that brings pleasure to both partners.

How to Make Sex Feel Better For a Woman?

For sex to feel good, both partners have to want it. If your woman is not in the mood to have sex, she most likely won’t experience a lot of pleasure. 

Long foreplay is often the key to reducing the amount of pain a woman experiences during intercourse. In addition to this, rapid penetration might feel bad not only physically but also mentally. Instead of putting your penis into a woman’s vagina right away, try to make your partner feel more relaxed. You can start by gently kissing her or giving her a foot massage and then move on to other stages of foreplay. 

The mental connection also plays a huge role during sex. Thus, talking about your feels and complementing your woman might help her enjoy sex more. Consider sex to be not just a physical act but also a chance to show emotions to your partner and connect with her. 

Verbal communication becomes especially important when you have a new partner or you are inexperienced and there are a lot of new things to learn about the other person or the process itself. Men are often surprised by the fact that their new partners have completely different preferences in comparison to the previous ones.  

Don’t be afraid to ruin the moment by discussing what’s happening in bed. You can communicate in the form of dirty talk and make your sex even hotter. Also, general comments such as “harder”, “faster”, or “deeper” are always okay to make, as they make it easier for your partner to understand how you feel. You can also ask your partner which type of stimulation she prefers and use it to make her feel horny. Of course, not all women know their preferences themselves due to lack of experience or other reasons. But even if this is the case, you have a great opportunity to discover what feels good for both of you together with your partner.

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