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Hand & Ankle cuffs "Ora" Blue
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What comes to mind first when you think about kinky play in your bedroom? Collar and harness. These two elements are considered classic accessories of BDSM collections and are definitely worth your attention. Leather harnesses offered by Anoeses will bring new sensations to your bedroom and allow you to live your sex life to the max. The blue color of soft premium-quality Italian leather is perfect for BDSM lovers who want something different from accessories in classic red and black colors. 

Our vibrant and sexy harnesses are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen in a range of different sizes to accommodate each figure. We can also tailor the item you order to the measurements you specify so that it fits your figure perfectly. Anoeses harnesses can also be adjusted using buckles if your figure changes over time to give you an opulent and alluring look. 

A blue leather harness combines classical elements of the most popular BDSM accessories and a new, attractive, fresh color. All our harnesses are outfitted with premium-quality nickel-plated hardware that will not cause any discomfort to your skin. In addition to harnesses, you can choose other elements of our BDSM collection to create a unique look. Collars, belts, restraints, leather lingerie sets, and many other sexy garments and accessories are available in blue color so that you can ideally match them with your harness and create a sexy and stylish look. All products of the Anoeses collection come with a one-year warranty and can be shipped worldwide.