If you are looking for new accessories to add to your fetish collection, Anoeses leather belts are what you need. Erotic, ravishing, and pleasuring, our leather belts will allow you to submit with a sense of luxury and sophistication or take control of your partner’s pleasure. The leather we use for our belts is imported from Italy and is soft and durable. The belts are very comfortable to wear, and all the hardware details that come with most of our designs will not leave any scratches on your body, providing you with nothing but pleasure from your kinky play in the bedroom. All garter belts available in Anoeses collection perfectly outline your figure, emphasizing the beauty of your waist.

Blue leather belts available in our collection stand out with their design among most other BDSM accessories that are most often offered in black or red colors. The blue color adds freshness and tenderness to your look, allowing you to bring a new dynamic to your relationships and diversify your play. You can also wear Anoeses leather belts during your play sessions together with your favourite sex accessories or toys, or wear them with a blue lingerie set, corset or any restraint set that includes handcuffs and thigh cuffs to create a complete BDSM-themed look and fully dive into the pleasure of kinky play. 

By attaching a leash to your blue leather belt, you can also experience the pleasure of being submissive during your play sessions. You can also Anoeses leather belts outside of your bedroom as a part of your outfit, pairing them with shirts, jackets, and dresses.