Blue leather masks from Anoeses collection cover the eyes during intimate entertainment, allowing you or your partner to dive into a sensual deprivation experience. Some options also come with a front part made from perforated leather so that your submissive will be able to see the play and explode from anticipation for the following actions. Our collection has different leather mask designs, so you will easily find the option that fits your fetish fantasies most. Whatever mask you choose, you will get a luxurious design, superior quality, and long-lasting durability as all our leather products are made from first-rate Italian leather and equipped with silver or gold nickel-plated elements that are gentle to the skin and don’t leave scratches or irritations. 

Our masks can be easily adjusted with the help of the buckles to stay firmly on your face. The high quality of leather and thoughtful design allows you to wear the mask even for a prolonged period without discomfort. You can also choose other accessories from our collection in the same color to create a luxurious and seductive BDSM look. For example, you can supplement the blue leather mask with the blue belt, hand, thigh or ankle cuffs, and a set of blue leather lingerie. 

When you order a blue leather mask or any other BSDM accessory from Anoeses, you can expect to receive your product carefully wrapped, placed in a matte black box, and sprayed with our signature scent. We also put a postcard on the top of the box, so if you purchase the mask as a present, you can leave a personal message to the receiver on the card. Fulfill your desires and bring your sex life to a new level with leather masks from Anoeses.