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Do you love embracing your sexuality in every outfit you wear? Are you looking for a way to introduce a kinky vibe into your evening and casual looks? Then take a look at the selection of chains manufactured by Anoeses. These accessories can be worn as kinky necklaces or chokers. You can pair them with casual outfits, stylish evening looks, and even wear them in the bedroom. And if you want to add even more kinky vibe to your outfit, why not pair these chains with leather BDSM-themed belts, chokers, harnesses, collars, or bags created by Anoeses?

Each chain you see on this page is made from strong, weighty, nickel-plated metal sourced from Italy. This makes our accessories exceptionally long-lasting and pleasant to the touch. Plus, these chains don’t color the wearer’s skin or leave any residue. Our brand also offers a 12-month warranty on all products, so if you experience any issues with your Anoeses chain within that timeframe, you will be able to contact our team and we will quickly resolve the problem. At the same time, you should keep in mind that most of our accessories last significantly longer than one year. 

While Anoeses chains are perfectly suitable for casual and evening occations, they are not simply decorative accessories. For instance, you can attach a leash or a fixation to the chain to explore kinky role play or restrain your partner.