Anoeses green leather masks are an excellent option to dominate your partner during your next kinky session and keep your submissive in suspense. Each mask is manufactured with great attention to detail from a premium quality Italian leather. The leather is durable, although it will not bring you any discomfort if used for extended plays. Our masks come with a nickel-plated fitting that doesn’t leave marks or scratches on the skin and provides numerous opportunities to use the mask. 

Anoeses green leather masks make a gorgeous look on anybody, no matter men or women and are an excellent choice for fetish games, BDSM-themed parties, raves, or ordinary parties. The masks come with buckles, so you can adjust the size making the mask stay firmly on the face. You can choose options with perforated front elements that cover your eyes but don’t block your eyesight, or you can stop your choice on blindfold masks that cover your eyes completely and make your fantasy explode from awaiting the following actions. We also have options with decorative chains that go under the chin and look like kinky jewelry.

Green leather masks from our collection bring colors to your red and black palette of BDSM accessories and make your erotic play even more exciting. We deliver orders worldwide and provide a 12-month guarantee for all the goods from our collection. Choose the most attractive option for your kinky play and bring all your sex fantasies to life.