Anoeses harnesses made from latex are an excellent alternative to leather accessories. Skin-tight, shiny latex embraces the body and allows you to create a rebellious, seductive look, spicing up your kinky play. Harnesses from our collection come in a range of sizes so that you can find the option that fits your body perfectly. They are equipped with nickel-plated buckles, so you can adjust the size a bit if needed. You can also give us your measurements, and we’ll create the harness specifically for you.

All Anoeses latex harnesses are handmade from superior quality latex without silicones or other additives. They perfectly emphasize the juicy curves of your body, boost your sexuality and give your BDSM look a luxurious gloss. Latex accessories are sensual and have a unique smell and sound, so wearing them during your play sessions will bring you a new experience. 

You can also add other elements from Anoeses latex collection to the harnesses. We offer premium-quality bras, panties, dresses, gloves, skirts, and other garments for your saucy taste. Don’t forget that latex intensifies the touch and makes the body more sensitive to temperature, so being caressed in our latex lingerie is mind-blowing. Choose the Anoeses latex harness, complete it with our latex lingeries set, and you’re ready to dive into new sensations.