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All the products you see on our website are made from luxurious Italian leather and our craftsmen pay attention even to the smallest details to ensure you get the best quality product with maximum durability. All the leather products manufactured by Anoeses have a 1-year warranty with free product repair during this period. However, because we craft our products according to the highest quality standards, you can expect our leather accessories and garments to last a lot longer than a year. Not to mention that each product you purchase from us is carefully wrapped and can be shipped to any corner of the globe.

All lingerie sets sold by Anoeses come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate every body type. However, we can also craft our leather sets specifically for your measurement to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Plus, our pink leather bras and panties come with buckles that you can use to adjust the size if necessary. You can also complete your look with some Anoeses BDSM-themed accessories that go perfectly with the lingerie. Keep in mind that our leather lingerie sets can also be worn outside the bedroom - it’s all about your creativity and how you decide to style them.