A harness is an integral part of any BDSM collection. Besides making your body look sexier, this accessory allows you to fulfill even the wildest dreams and desires during your kinky sessions. Latex harnesses presented in the Anoeses collection will provide a skin-tight fit to your body and make you look sexy as hell. Belts with garters look provocative and will become an excellent addition to other garments from our latex line, such as latex bras, tops, and gloves. A luxurious gloss of first-quality latex will make you look powerful and self-confident, while the unique design of the belt with garters created by Anoeses masters will emphasize the tenderness of your waist and the seductive curves of your hips. You can also regulate the height of the garters with the two buckles on their sides. 

Latex belts with garters are available in sizes from XS to 2XL, so you can easily find the option that fits your body forms best. We also offer a custom size option for our customers and can create harnesses according to your measurements. Anoeses belts with garters are available in classic BDSM black and red colors and can be combined with other accessories from our latex collection. Add a latex bra or top, choose gloves to let your partner feel all the pleasure of this material touch, and you’re ready to raise the temperature in your bedroom!