Provocative and elegant. Powerful and unique. Luxurious and sexy. It’s all about the leather belts from the Anoeses collection of leather BDSM accessories. The belts are made from full-grain leather that looks weighty and stiff on the body, perfectly emphasizing the tenderness and seductiveness of the waist. Some of the options in our line come with thigh cuffs attached to the belt by the chain as a garter, while others are equipped with nickel-plated buckles and D-rings, allowing you to attach handcuffs, ankle cuffs, or ropes to diversify your bedroom plays, even more. 

Anoeses leather belts can be worn as separate fetish accessories in everyday life, being the highlight of your style. In sex games, the belts give you room for your fantasies, allowing you to experiment with various cuffs, ropes, and leashes and bring all your salacious fantasies to life. Anoeses belts have a suede lining and are very comfortable to wear. The weighty effect of full-grain leather makes you feel powerful and audacious, revealing your inner rebellious spirit. The belts from Anoeses collection of leather accessories and garments look great in combination with leather lingerie sets, leather masks, and sheer dresses made from a mesh fabric.