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Anoeses products can be delivered worldwide and we also offer a 1-year warranty for all of our leather products as well as free product repair during that period. However, since our products are crafted to meet the highest quality standards, they are generally incredibly durable and long-lasting. Our harnesses can be worn as a stand-alone garment or matched with handcuffs, belts, thigh cuffs, and other BDSM-themed accessories. We offer a large collection of leather harnesses for men and women that are definitely worth checking out.

A red leather harness is a classic garment that every BDSM lover should have in their collection. It's something that brings a sense of luxury to your bedroom and allows you to enjoy even more versatility during intimate sessions with your partner. You can also mix our red body harnesses with other types of kinky accessories from Anoeses. Or you can purchase complete sets of Anoeses restraints if you want to collect a full collection of restraints over time. For example, you can wear a red chest harness together with a leash and a collar to create a luxuriously submissive look. Another advantage of our products is that they are made not only for the bedroom. You can also wear them as a part of your outfit to kinky parties and BDSM-themed events. Browse our selection of high-quality red harness lingerie and find the perfect piece for you.