Are you looking for something different than regular lace or silk lingerie? Do you want to bring something unusual into your lingerie drawer or maybe surprise your partner with a passionate and intense outfit? Then you should definitely check out the leather lingerie collection from Anoeses. Our lingerie collection features all leather garments and accessories you can think of: corsets, bras, belts but the sexiest, most luxurious, and attractive items are, of course, red leather panties. Our selection features leather panties of various styles for different body shapes and sizes. All the pieces are made from rare Italian leather which is known and appreciated among world-class leather connoisseurs for its high quality and supreme durability. Our craftsmen manufacture the lingerie in a variety of sizes to fit each body but we can also tailor our garments specifically to your body using the measurements you provide - this way you can be sure that our bras and panties will fit your body just perfectly. Additionally, our panties are outfitted with buckles that can be used to adjust the size of the garment if needed. The leather we use to craft our products is pleasant to the skin and very comfortable to wear, which makes our panties both luxurious-looking and enjoyable to put on. 

You can buy an entire leather lingerie set from Anoeses or you can mix and match different pieces from different collections. For example, you can choose a bra that you like and buy a different pair of red panties to match it. Our favorite color combinations are red and black but you can also go for other sexy looks. You can also create a complete BDSM-themed outfit by combining Anoeses lingerie with other accessories such as leather restraint and bondage sets or even a leather corset. Anoeses clients get a 12-month warranty on all the products.