What can be more luxurious, attractive, and eye-catching than leather lingerie? Especially if it comes in a deep violet color? The new leather collection at Anoeses will become a seductive substitute for your usual lace and silk lingerie, creating an innovative, powerful, and sexy look. Our lingerie sets include bras and panties crafted from superior quality Italian leather and are pleasant to the body. The lingerie also features nickel-plated hardware elements that can diversify your play sessions and don’t leave any marks on your skin. 

You can choose the violet leather panties among the wide variety of designs and sizes available to ensure the lingerie will fit your body perfectly, emphasizing its beauty and creating an opulent BDSM-themed look. We can also craft our leather sets specifically for your measurement. All the leather products from the Anoeses collection come with a one-year warranty and can be shipped worldwide. 

You can purchase the violet leather panties separately or combine them with a leather bra to order the entire lingerie set. Our collection also includes other violet leather accessories, so you can supplement the lingerie set with a violet leather corset, collar, or mask from Anoeses catalog to create a unique, luxurious, and stylish BDSM-themed look.