In collaboration with the biggest international multi-brand retailer of Metafashion clothes DRESSX, we've made a brave step and launched a drop of digital garments! They are called to ruin the physical borders and allow erotic fantasies to expand to other dimensions.

Every day, we are excited to see how Anoeses products become a valuable addition to the wardrobes and erotic experiences of all bold, rebellious, and sexually open people. In the same spirit, we want to dedicate this drop to eternal questions about love, the illusion of appearance, desire, and creativity generated by sexuality. All these topics enrich a variety of people's tales about eroticism, and for us - a way to channel ideas through silhouette, texture, cutouts, and bindings.

By creating your meta style dressed in Anoeses x DRESSX, you share a sense of courage with everyone you know. Or maybe you choose to capture the attention of the closest ones? Then our digital designs are a hell of a sexy surprise!

Drop: Anoeses x DRESSX

The bindings of ephemerality

If the skin marks the border between “I” and the physical appearance, then when you try on the bodysuit ‘The bindings of ephemerality’ - this 'between' becomes illusional. 

The sensations of leather and laces leave invisible marks on your skin and hug your body. All these go hand in hand with the mystery of sexuality. Cause what is it? The senses are evoked within and shown up in our physical appearance, and vice versa.

My body - my art

If our bodies are canvases, and our senses are paints, then sexuality is a color spectrum. Bodysuit ‘My body - my art’ embodies the idea of fluidity of our experiences, as well as our ways of expressing unique sexualities. 

It looks like a dripping navy blue paint and gives an impression of movement captured in stillness.

The balance of desire

Is our desire a product of inner voices, or is it purely an impact of external stimulus? In our humble opinion, it is always both that concur and balance each other. 

Bodysuit ‘The balance of desire’ depicts this idea of constant battle and equality of all particles that form human desire. From one side, you are covered in visible, and from another - in transparent. Both are interdependent at their core.

Love is blind

By trying on the dress ‘Love is blind’, you introduce the concept of falling in love with closed eyes. The garment opens your heart area and exposes the tender line of the spine. Its mask covers the sight without actually covering it in the physical world. Just like when we fall in love. We don't need to have our eyes wide open for our intuition to whisper what we should notice.


How to try on digital clothes?

✦ Choose an outfit from the Anoeses x DRESSX drop;

✦ Upload a picture to which you wish to apply the digital garment to the dedicated field on the item page. Please check this deck in order to choose the best photo for digitizing;

✦ Checkout; 

✦ Receive your photo with a chosen outfit in less than 24 hours. It will be sent to your email;

✦ ✦ ✦ Share at your social media and tag @anoeses.brand and @dressx, so we can enjoy your creation!


Please note that Anoeses’ and all other designs at the DRESSX shop are digital. The physical item won't be delivered to a door after the purchase - it only exists digitally and can be applied to your photo(s).

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