Catsuit "Sinara"

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Catsuit "Sinara"

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Anoeses Catsuit "Sinara" - is a handmade item

Production time 3-5 business days
Shipping time 1-3 business days

*When ordering, please, designate your next personal measurements:
- neck
- bust
- under bust
- waist
- hip
- thigh (at widest part)
- inseam (from the floor to crotch)
- height
- foot size


This catsuit is made from practical mesh fabric. It fits perfectly to the body, giving the feeling of a second skin. This bodysuit completely covers the body, arms (gloves) and legs (socks). You can move freely and without discomfort in it. Such underwear will emphasize your sexuality and elegance, wherever you decide to wear it. Your body in it will look intriguing and strengthen desire. The catsuit can be used in role-playing games: stealth and, at the same time, underlined body lines will excite the imagination and awaken the passion. In addition, this bodysuit can be combined with erotic leather accessories, putting them on top of the catsuit. Such combination of accessories on the body can add a special piquancy to your sexual entertainment.
On the back is a long secret zipper through which the catsuit is put on.

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