Why does Anoeses brand wire with human sexuality?

Why does Anoeses brand wire with human sexuality?


To understand and define our brand name, you should know the word anoesis – a feeling without understanding. From the psychological point of view, our brain can receive pure impressions or sensations without cognitive context. Yeah, sounds a little controversial, but just think about this. Have you ever met a human in your life when you felt with your guts that this person is YOUR person? Like the smell, the touch, the voice were telling you that. You don't think about red or green flags. You just receive this feeling of "anoesis". Also, we want our products to bring you this feeling without understanding. Because it can get really close to your subconsciousness and open up secrets of your sexuality.

Exclusive erotic accessories 

Anoeses is famous for premium BDSM accessories. We absolutely adore the power of the leather. That's why we work only with the premium quality materials that we order from Italy. All our BDSM tools such as bondage equipment, harnesses, blindfolds, chokers, BDSM gags are made either from soft or hard leather.

What's hard leather?

Hard leather, also known as full-grain, it's a top-of-the-line type of leather. On a scale from 0 to 10, it will stand on 11. Full-grain leather is famous for its high durability. Also, we use this specific type that doesn’t have any imperfections on the surface. In the leather goods world, it is considered rare and is highly prized.

anoeses hard leather

Hard leather is strong and stiff. That's why when you wear accessories sewed from this material, they will feel weighty and rich on your body. For example, our restraint collections UNO and URANIA. Also, full-grain leather allows us to experiment with designs. So we produce salacious leather lingerie, harnesses, men's and casual accessories.

What's soft leather?

It's the second type of leather that we purchase, also called corrected grain leather. This material goes through a buffing process, so it doesn't have any imperfections either. The surface is smooth and soft. Also, products from corrected grain leather are lighter and feel creamy on the body.

anoeses soft leather set

Our collections AURA and DITA are sewed from soft leather. By adding bondage gags, masks, and blindfolds to your personal collection, your BDSM play will be enriched with new opportunities. Well, who doesn't like some deprivation play?

Do you want to show your kinky side in casual outfits? We got you covered! Visit anoeses.com and find our chokersbeltscorsets, and bags. Now, let’s get back to reading.

Bodywear that worships your body

Anoeses body sets are made from black biflex, soft mesh fabric, or both. Our bodysuits and catsuits feel like the second skin on your body and bring the pinch of mystery. What is most important is that we sew them only on your personal measurements. Regardless whether it’s for men or women, a catsuit will suit you perfectly. Just imagine a black, sexy bodysuit plus leather bondage cuffs, collar and a leash, and you're ready for your BDSM play.

anoeses bodysuit

How to join Anoeses community?

Follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts and become a valuable part of the Anoeses community. There, we strive to create a safe zone for all genders, bodies, and ages, so you can feel free to discover your unique and powerful sexuality. Also, kinky friends, don’t hesitate to double tap the posts you appreciated and feel free to leave comments and discuss educational material that we share with you. 


Be aware, sexy, and open-minded,

Anoeses team!

To discover more about Anoeses, sexualities, BDSM and connect with our community, follow @anoeses.education.

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