Power exchange

The pragmatic side of the BDSM culture surprises those who aren't familiar with it closely and inspires those who believe in the essentiality of consent. A significant part of BDSM is power exchang...
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Safe Zones for BDSM play

Our body is the home that always goes with us everywhere. We take proper care of it, invent a routine that nourishes it, go jogging or yoging. And one of the most important things – we learn to lis...
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Types of sexuality

Who am I? This question can explode in the bed at 2 am, in the shower, when you are wasted, when you drive, or when a barista in Starbucks asks your name. Literally, the existential question – who ...
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Top 5 Valentine's Day presents from Anoeses

There is a saying – gift that brings the most happiness is one made by a man himself. Of course, if you have time to spend hours at The Home Depot. If not, you can confide in Anoeses designer's ha...
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Anoeses Collars

Wearing a collar signifies ownership that is a part of a power exchange dynamic in the BDSM community. Whether it be a master & slave, dominant & submissive relationships, or other combinat...
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Safe sex

Safe sex is a new religion. It tells us that we should take care of ourselves and others we sleep with. And what is essential is that you can learn how to have safe sex. If you prepare everything r...
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New redesigned restraint set UNO

We released UNO 2 years ago. And as it was the first one, we had named it UNO. Simple but memorable. We remember that back then, we put all our efforts and love into its design. It was like, do th...
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Anoeses: from order to receipt

Hi, kinky friends! Sometimes when you order accessories and lingerie that will play a significant role in your sexperiments, fear or doubt may appear involuntary. Will it fit me? What if I won't ge...
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