Collaring ceremony

Collaring ceremony - is an event to honor a commitment between dominant and submissive. At the ceremony, a dom puts on his / her sub a collar that manifests that they have a long-term DS relations...
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Red flags in relationships

We think that at least once in your life, you have met a problematic or toxic behavior. And, unfortunately, it's taxing to recognize it from the start. So, we want to give you a list of red flags ...
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Anoeses community

This blog is dedicated to the best community that gathers around Anoeses brand. We are incredibly grateful to everyone for believing in us and sharing our views on sexuality and uniqueness.
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Social networks for kinksters

Mostly BDSM people are online types. We mean, it's easier to open your fetishes and desires under a nickname. This is closely related to some stereotypes that surround the BDSM community and to aro...
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A #BLM-inspired cooperation open-call

Now and always, we will battle with something for happiness. BLM is one of these battles. And real actions, in that case, are better than words that can be said just to be said. So, we invite fashi...
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