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If you are searching for a unique lingerie that will give you a luxurious look while enjoying kinky playtime, black body harnesses manufactured by Anoeses will be an excellent addition to your complete BDSM look. Our harnesses are made of soft Italian leather, pleasant to the touch and flattering with a perfect fit. You can choose between chest, buttocks, and body harnesses in six different colors to find the best option that fits your sexual desires. 

A black leather harness is a classic element of BDSM, which will give you a sense of luxury and allow you to make all your sex fantasies come true. Harnesses and other garments in the Anoeses collection are manufactured from high-quality leather and outfitted with premium-quality nickel-plated hardware that will not leave scratches or other marks on your skin. Our leather harnesses come in a wide range of sizes so that you will be able to choose the one that will cover your body like a second skin, becoming one of the favorite elements of your fetish collection.

Leather harnesses can be worn as a stand-alone element or combined with our other BDSM accessories like belts, handcuffs, thigh cuffs, etc. Anoeses collection gives you a wide choice of products and colors, so you definitely will choose the combination that suits your BDSM-themed plays best.

Anoeses products come with a one-year warranty and can be delivered worldwide. We also offer our customers a free product repair, although it is unlikely as all the elements of our garments are crafted to meet the highest quality standards.