Anoeses leather masks give you multiple possibilities of dominating your partner during your next bedroom play and getting the discipline you desire. Each of our masks is a handmade item made from first-rate Italian leather and nickel-plated hardware elements. 

A black leather mask is an integral accessory in any BDSM lover's collection. It gives both partners new sensations from the fetish sessions and adds extra spice to your kinky play in the bedroom. 

Our leather masks come in different designs and colors so that you can choose the option which fits your image best. We have blindfold options, masks with leashes, and other options for you to choose from. Whatever black mask you choose, wearing it will make your fantasy explode from the following actions and sensations. 

Anoeses mask gives customers luxurious design, long-lasting durability, and superior quality. All the leather goods available in our collection undergo periodic verification of compliance with the product regulations by the Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector. We also provide a 12-months guarantee on all our products and offer a free replacement or repair of the option you purchased. We ship our accessories and garments worldwide by DHL express and carefully pack each order in a stylish black brand box. You can also leave a personal message for the receiver on the card at the top of the box.