What could be more seductive than a red leather bra that covers the chest and awakens the most secret desires? The leather lingerie collection created by Anoeses features an innovative design that emphasizes all the beauty of the woman’s body and premium-quality materials. Each leather garment you see on this page is manufactured from high-quality leather imported from Italy and outfitted with premium nickel-plated hardware. All our bras are comfortable to wear and don’t leave any marks or scratches on the skin. 

Red leather bras from the Anoeses collection are a classic of BDSM style and will become an excellent addition to your kinky accessories collection. You can combine them with other garments and accessories to create a complete BDSM-themed look and fulfill all your sex fantasies. Just choose the red leather panties, belt, and collar, and finish the look with a leather mask from our collection - and you’re ready to spice up your bedroom play sessions. 

In addition to wearing our red leather bras in an intimate setting, you can also wear them under the clothing outside the bedroom. The genuine leather we use for our bras is soft and pleasant to the body so that you won’t feel any discomfort in it.