Regardless of whether you like being submissive or dominating your partner, no BDSM collection is complete without a collar. This simple and elegant accessory in a classical black color can spice up your sex life and bring a new dynamic into your relationship. Created in black colour, a business card of any BDSM collection, Anoeses leather collars and chokers are a perfect garment for sexual experimentation regardless of whether you are an experienced kink lover or just starting with your collection.  

Anoeses black BDSM collars always look stylish and are handmade from high-quality Italian leather. They have unique designs and are comfortable to wear, whereas the nickel-plated hardware used in our black chockers is gentle on the skin and won’t leave any scratches. You can regulate the size of our collars and, depending on your preferences, make them fit more tightly or loosen them up. 

A black BDSM collar or choker will become a versatile item in your collection. You bring it in the bedroom by itself to spice up your sex life or combine it with a black lingerie set, belt, corset, or any restrain set that includes handcuffs and thigh cuffs to fully experience the pleasure of being submissive during sex play. 

The classic black color of our chokers also allows wearing them outside your bedroom. You can combine our collars and chokers with your casual or evening looks to give your outfits a little touch of a kink and express your true self.